We are a strong and dedicated team of creative reuse professionals who love diverting usable waste from the waste stream and making creative materials accessible to teachers, parents, kids, hobbyists, crafters, artisans, creative entrepreneurs and, well, everyone.




Hometown: Bridgewater, Va
Been at SCRAP since: 2018- I fell in love the moment I walked through the door!
SCRAP expertise: As a Crafty/Thrifty Queen, excelling at out-of-the-box thinking, crafting and organizing
Favorite Shop Items: Oil cloth and funky trims
Favorite Reuse Project: Wine cork balls and resin jewelry using fun odds and ends
What they’re up to off the clock: Traveling the globe while I’m not crafting, knitting, or wrangling my 2 kids and menagerie of pets (that includes a hedgehog!).



Education Coordinator/Reuse Specialist

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Been at SCRAP since: June 2019
SCRAP expertise: A true lover of scraps! I’m inspired by uselessness and the potential of common objects. Sculpture, music, and collage
Favorite Shop Items: Anything creepy and/or old
Favorite Reuse Project: Rainsticks, shrinky dinks, leathercraft, and anything that kids love to do
What they’re up to off the clock: Homebrewing, pickin’ banjo, and getting to know my amazing community!



As an artist and craftswoman, Mary is constantly exploring, planning, digging and experimenting. At the Corcoran School of Art and Virginia Commonwealth University, she polished her skills while having many opportunities to discover a variety of disciplines. With a home in Richmond, Virginia, her love for the hunt of vintage treasures is an important part of the creative process and is a medium she uses to bring everyday items from the junk drawer to a one-of-a-kind functional form. The combination of restoration, recycling, humor, retro design and love of color continue to inspire her work.



Graduate of NYU, Kim has always made a point to surround herself with communities of creative and thoughtful people. With her two kids out of the house and in college, she has more time to craft, volunteer, and think about ways materials in our everyday life can be reused and recycled. When she isn’t behind the counter you will find her sewing with the fabrics she’s rummaged for at the store and traveling the globe. After furnishing a house with all reclaimed items and furniture she is looking for that next big (or small) project.



Jennifer grew up in a household where art and nature were revered and being wasteful was not an option. She’s a lifelong DIYer whose favorite projects range from structural to wearable, and sometimes edible. Working in the health promotion field, she loves being a part of how SCRAP fosters community engagement and creative expression. Another of her passions is finding connection through storytelling, especially podcasts and documentaries



A recent transplant to Richmond, Regan is an artist, activist, and nonprofit manager working to support artists and educators. Her passion lies at the intersection of craft, sustainability, and mental health. She relishes in the creative process and has employed reclaimed and found materials in her projects since childhood. As an artist she works with metal and fabric to create jewelry and functional doodads.


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