Volunteer Coordinator /
Reuse Specialist Lead

  • Hometown: Reston, VA (otherwise known as NoVA).
    Early childhood as a Jersey Girl 
  • Current Residence: Richmond, Va
  • Been at SCRAP since: June 2021
    (volunteer for two years prior to employment)  
  • SCRAP expertise: helping customers realize their vision by finding unique/quirky materials for their unique/quirky projects.
  • Favorite store item: vintage magazines or hand-made papers/cards for collage, etc.
  • Favorite creative reuse project: anything that teaches others the limitations of our recycling programs, or inspires someone to consider the environment and our landfills!
  • What they’re up to off the clock: Today? An online creativity workshop, painting, yardwork, yoga, and dog-walking.



Education Coordinator

  • Hometown: Stafford, VA
  • Current Residence: Richmond, VA
  • Been at SCRAP since: Feb 2024
  • SCRAP expertise: Education
  • Favorite store items: Scrap fabric
  • Favorite creative reuse project: Anything involving sewing
  • What they’re up to off the clock: Performing drag, sewing new outfits, reading, spending time with my cats and partner

Pronouns: she, her, hers



Reuse Specialist

  • Hometown: Bartlesville, OK
  • Current Residence: North Dinwiddie, VA
  • Been at SCRAP since: 2021 as an instructor and sewing machine tech, joined the team January 2023 as a Reuse Specialist
  • SCRAP expertise: Sewing machine repair
  • Favorite store items: Sewing notions and machine feet
  • Favorite creative reuse project: Centennial 15-91
  • What they’re up to off the clock: Machine repair, animal rescue and quilting



Reuse Specialist

  • Hometown: Chesterfield, VA
  • Current Residence: Richmond, VA
  • Been at SCRAP since: Feb 2023
  • SCRAP expertise: organizing things and making them aesthetically pleasing, and yarn!
  • Favorite store items: Yarn :)
  • Favorite creative reuse project: unwinding thrifted sweaters and using the yarn for something else
  • What they’re up to off the clock: knitting and watching horror movies



Board Member - At Large, Volunteer/Donations Pickup Specialist

Graduate of NYU, Kim has always made a point to surround herself with communities of creative and thoughtful people. With her two kids out of the house and on their own, she has more time to craft, volunteer, and think about ways materials in our everyday life can be reused and recycled. When she isn’t behind the counter you will find her sewing with the fabrics she’s rummaged for at the store and traveling the globe. After furnishing a house with all reclaimed items and furniture she is looking for that next big (or small) project.


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