SCRAP Block Party Fundraiser

SCRAP Creative Reuse represents a community and a mindset to help people, planet, and a sense of place. Each site represents a different “Block”, or neighborhood, but they all connect for the larger community.

Donations will be stretched in the community - we'll be donating materials to local partner organizations, so your financial contributions make an even larger positive community impact!

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SCRAP Gives Back for our Block Party Fundraiser!

One of our partner organizations is Response.Ability - a nonprofit organization with the mission to develop young women into future leaders who make community-building decisions. Their vision is to empower young women with the understanding that they have the ability to choose their responses. We share in these visions of empowerment and future leadership and are excited to support Response.Ability!

We will be providing reuse materials for Response.Ability to distribute and utilize in their programs and partnerships. We believe access to materials can play a valuable role in their empowerment programs.

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SCRAP Creative Reuse Block Party Coloring Book!

We asked our communities to submit coloring pages for our 2021 Block Party Fundraiser & here they are! We are asking for a pay-what-you-want donation for the coloring page downloads!


Get yours here!

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We count on your generosity as an individual, foundation, corporate sponsor, or partner.

You feel the creative, environmental, and educational love from SCRAP. You return the love by adding to our resources so we can share with others. It becomes a circle of love that keeps giving – to you, to us, and to the entire community.